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Scribd: Share in my joy of unlimited ebooks

Since writing this post, Scribd has changed their membership terms and there is a limit to how many books you can read per month in certain categories. I recommend signing up for a two month free trial to view what types of books would fit your interests.

A couple of weeks ago my husband sent me a heartbreaking chat message. I may have cried. “Oyster Books is shutting down,” he said. I guess the creators are going to go work for Google. Since discovering Oyster a few months ago, I have read almost 70 books. My son has read about 50. Something about having instant, unlimited access to thousands of books just makes me want to curl up in a nest of fluff, with a cup of tea, and read until my eyes want to fall out.

So, needless to say, that message broke my heart. Don’t feel too bad for me, since it wasn’t broken for long.

My area has the #1 library system in the country, with a whopping 27 branches throughout the city, but both my son and I just prefer ebooks. I often read 4 books at a time and I want to carry them around the house with me. Sometimes I read on the couch, sometimes in bed, and sometimes in the car while waiting for my son to get done with an activity. I knew about Amazon Unlimited, but honestly their selection is junk. Our library uses Overdrive, but we often have to wait weeks before an ebook version is available. There is also a limit to how many ebooks you can have out at a time.


(I am probably going to start sounding like an ad, but I can only wish that Scribd would pay me to advertising for them.)

In trying to find an answer to exactly how long Oyster would remain up and running, I came across several articles comparing Oyster to Scribd. Up until this point, I thought Scribd (pronounced like ribbed) was a file host, similar to Dropbox. But I learned that they are much, much more! I started a free trial, installed the app on our Kindle Fires, made a list of all our saved ebooks from Oyster, and searched for them one-by-one in Scribd. Imagine my joy when Scribd had all but 3 of the ebooks!


How Homeschoolers Can Benefit from Scribd

  • A free trial is two months if you use an affiliate link. The affiliate earns one month free.
  • After that, your monthly fee is only $8.99 for unlimited reading on unlimited devices. Even if you only read two books per month, that is a steal at $4.50 per book. If your child reads two books per month, your membership is only $2.25 per book.


  • With Scribd, you can create library collections. We currently have 4 collections: mine, his, school books, and resources. School books are those that we will be reading together and are mostly history-related. Resources are books like cookbooks and Tolkien: A Dictionary, that we will most likely access numerous times.


  • You can easily keep track of what your kids are reading and how far along they are in their books. You can see in the screenshot above that tonight my son is about 75% done with The Trumpeter of Krakow and he also read about 1/4 of a How It Works magazine. Any book that is opened appears in your dashboard.
  • Yep, Scribd has tons of magazines, like How It Works, which my son loves.
  • In addition to its ebooks, Scribd is now becoming very well-known for its vast collection of audiobooks. Some are free, but some do cost credits. Subscribers will receive one free credit per month. You can also buy additional audiobook credits.


  • While reading an ebook, you can make notes or highlight certain sections. We’ve both been reading The Trumpeter of Krakow and I noticed tonight that my son left a note for me on a section of the book that he thought was ridiculous.
  • Your ebooks and bookmarks sync across all of your devices. So I can start reading a book on my Kindle, then switch to my laptop, read a little on my phone, and then go back to my Kindle.

Did you know that Amazon is releasing a new Kindle Fire tablet next weekend for only $49.99. This would be the perfect time to purchase one for your kid or yourself. Or both!

*Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links.

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