Pinterest Flips and Flops

Pinterest Flips and Flops

Welcome to Pinterest Flips and Flops, a new monthly blog hop that will be hosted by me and some of my favorite homeschool bloggers! A Flip is something that you see on Pinterest that not only makes you so excited that your stomach does flips, but you also Flip out when you are able to recreate it! A Flop is one of those “looks great on paper” projects that you literally want to Flop into the trash after attempting to recreate it.

We want to see both. Your Pinterest successes and failures. Not every blogger is crafty, and those of us who do consider ourselves crafty may not perpetually measure up to those insanely brilliant and gifted bakers, photographers, knitters, designers who we drool over on Pinterest.

This is your chance, to show off or make fun of yourself…or both. Visit the landing page to view other Flips and Flops and link up your own creations.

Flip #1

I have this lovely puzzle shaped cutting board on a Pinterest board called Things I Want My Husband to Buy Me.  However, the decent looking ones are either not sold in America or are just too thin and flimsy looking.

Puzzle Board

From Pinterest

My husband took one look and said, “I can make you something better.” And that he did…




Isn’t it gorgeous! This is hand carved from 1-1/4-inch white oak. Nice and sturdy, like a butcher block. I love it, but I love him more for making this for me. This is something that will last for ages.

Flop #1

Oh yummy, look at these delicious and adorable looking gingerbread man pancakes from Williams Sonoma.  Looks easy, right? Just use a metal cookie cutter, right?

pancakes by williams sonoma

From Pinterest



In this picture, you cannot really tell but the guy on the left fell apart in the middle and lost his head. The guy on the right lost his head and arm. The batter leaked out and spread all over the skillet so for a while, they were conjoined twins.

Flip #2

These Anthropologie-inspired zinc letters are hugely popular on Pinterest.  The actual letters can be purchased for $18 per letter, which is insane because the DIY versions are actually better looking and are MUCH cheaper.

Zinc Letters EAT

From Pinterest

Here is my version. I’ve had two friends try to walk into my pantry thinking it was the bathroom, so I thought it would be best to make a sign that says PANTRY. All you need are plain wood or cardboard letters, black acrylic paint, and white pearl paint.


Plain cardboard letters, purchased from Hobby Lobby on sale for 50-cents each.


Paint each letter with the black acrylic paint and let it dry. This type of paint dries really fast on cardboard letters.


The next step is where the magic happens. Lightly paint over the black with the white pearl paint. Very important: be sure to paint in one direction, with one long, light stroke of the brush. Then quickly take your brush or a sponge  and lightly blot the paint in random places. This will make the letters look more rustic.

Flop #2

This is an adorable idea…robot made from a juice box, small raisin boxes, a broken pretzel and applesauce. When I first saw this, I couldn’t wait to make it for our next LEGO Club meeting.

Juice Box Robot

From Pinterest

And I totally nailed it. Look how cute! However…


This is a fail for me. These are completely impractical for kids. I spent a very long time putting these together for a group of 11-ish year old boys. Maybe I should say these are completely impractical for 11-ish year old boys who want nothing more than to tear them to shreds to get to the sugar-laden juice barrel while using the pretzels as light sabers. Pretzels as light sabers are not a good idea…they crumble. After the sugary drink, they wanted nothing to do with the healthy raisins or applesauce.

Sigh. All my hard work.

As a side note, my most successful playdate snack ever were little bags of Doritos and chips that I flung across the room at the boys as they scream-chanted, “FLY-ING SNACKS! FLY-ING SNACKS! FLY-ING SNACKS! FLY-ING SNACKS!”

Now it is your turn, to show off or make fun of yourself…or both. This month, visit the landing page to view other Flips and Flops and link up your own creations. This blog hop will take place on the 2nd Monday of every month. Beginning next month, on August 12th, you can link up at any of the following blogs:

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Flips and Flops

  1. Heidi @ Home Schoolroom

    This was great fun to read, Amy. I adore the puzzle cutting board, your husband is very talented (and sweet to make it for you). I laughed out loud over the “FLY-ING SNACKS” story. I usually find elaborate snacks to not be worth the time–it’s never good if I’m yelling “Don’t touch those!” to the kids I made the snacks for.

  2. Jamie

    Wow! I love those cutting boards. You must have one handy man. And I agree about the robots. What a lot of time those must have taken. And for the most part, boys don’t care about aesthetics, they just want to eat!

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