Homeschool Curriculum for an 11 Year Old Boy

Homeschooling an 11 Year Old Boy

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What you will find here in my post:

Curriculum and resources for homeschooling a gifted, 11 year old boy who loves to read, loves logic, history and science and is being taught using a classical, literature rich, year-round method. This year, my son has pretty much chosen all of his curriculum and books and I couldn’t be more pleased!



Science right now consists of marine biology and detective science. The spine is Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, supplemented by some great books from DK Publishing, like Everything You Need to Know About Sharks, and Everything You Need to Know About Frogs. As a DK Publishing blogger, I feel so blessed to have received a copy of the first 3 books in this new series. Simply gorgeous books! I have never seen a DK book that I didn’t instantly fall in love with.


The detective and crime scene books are from are from our other favorite publisher Prufrock Press.


Language Arts

  • Rockets, Radar, & Robotics: Technology-Based Writing Lessons from Institute for Excellence in Writing. This new product follows the same format and guidelines as the history-based writing curriculum that we had been using through Classical Conversations. However, since we are taking this year off from CC, we are using this subject instead. We just do not feel he needs another year of the current CC program, but will only be taking one year off, as the following year he will be old enough to go into the Challenge program!
  • Just to brush up on some skills, he is also going through these super fun workbooks from the Teaching the Boring Stuff series.
  • To teach vocabulary, I have created visual cards that go along with the 100 words every middle schooler should know list.
  • For foreign language, we are using Rosetta Stone: Greek.



  • We have been using Teaching Textbooks for a couple of years and love the, but I discovered a massive sale on Life of Fred last month and ordered several levels. Once my son picked one up, he didn’t want to put it down. Thus, we are going through Life of Fred’s pre-algebra before going back to finish Teaching Textbooks. Both of these curriculum make math fun!
  • We are also reading One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Math!, which I absolutely love because these are real world problems that are often full of twists that really make you think.








Fine Arts

  • My friend Mary, from Homegrown Learners, wrote a superb music resource called SQUILT, which stands for Super Quiet Uninterrupted Learning Time. Isn’t she created!! The first volume covers the Baroque era and composers. Mary has made it really easy and fun to teach music history and theory.
  • Those cards above, next to Mary’s SQUILT are artist cards for Van Gogh.  These have been great for in-depth art study because I hand a few to my son, along with a flashlight and magnifying glass, and he will spend forever combing through every speck looking for things that do not belong. Such as the TARDIS. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you’ll understand this from the episode called Vincent and the Doctor Who. I’ve made these cards for several different painters.

*disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

*Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links.

14 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum for an 11 Year Old Boy

  1. KM

    I saw the Ihomeschool network share this today on FB. I had to look. I have boys that are 10 & 11 this year (as well as and 8 yo daughter). We did Swimming Creatures & MOH 1 last year. We’re doing Anatomy and MOH 2 this year. I have that same Detective Science book for this year, and the Life of Fred Fractions book. I think your boy…and my 2 are going to be learning some great stuff this year.

  2. Christy

    Visiting from the Not Back to School hop. We are using MOH this year as a spine for 6th grade ancient study and we LOVE Heritage History.

    Thanks for all the good ideas.

  3. Heather B.

    Amy, those Van Gogh cards sound interesting! I see that you made them; would you care to share how you did this with the hidden items? We are Whovians here:)

  4. Chris Tilley

    I like the look of the One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Math. I think my son will enjoy that one. I also like the idea of the logic course and the books that you have selected. I remember those Mrs Brown is not the cook, The cook is married to the gardener puzzles.

  5. Adrienne

    Looks like a great line up! We did Zoology 2 last year and plan to do Zoology 1 this year. Love Apologia! We also will be starting MOH this year. Have a blessed year! (Stopping by from the iHN blog hop).

  6. Linda S

    Looks like a great year of learning in store this year.
    I forgot all about the Life of Fred books I picked up last year – thank you for reminding me! It’ll be a fun addition to our math curric.

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