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I fell in love with the classical homeschool model before my son was even born. My husband and I always knew we wanted to homeschool, so I bought a small collection of homeschooling books when I became pregnant. Even the non-classical themed books stressed the importance of learning Latin.

Teaching Latin can be a challenging, daunting task for those who are new to homeschooling. Although I am never one to back down from a challenge, I cringed my face in horror as I accepted the fact that I would need to learn Latin in order to teach it properly.

But you know what I learned? You do not need to learn Latin in order to teach it. You and your children can learn it together

Memoria Press is an amazing company. They are a family-run, Christian company who emphasize logic, Latin, classical literature, and above all – simplicity. The products are easy to use and laid out in a way that brings simple joy to both the teacher and student.


We have been using First Form Latin for a couple of months now.  My son really likes it because it has been building on and enriching the Latin that he learned through Classical Conversations. Other than Classical Conversations, we have used 3 other Latin curriculum products. First Form Latin is by far the most comprehensive and easy to use. I have to admit, at first I sighed when the box arrived containing eight different components. I shouldn’t have, because each component was separate for a reason…simplicity.

Here are the components of the complete set and how you use them. This program is Latin I and is designed for a year of study or 34 weeks.


1. The instructional DVD. You can view a sample lesson from teacher Glen Moore. At the beginning of the week, you view the DVD lesson. Your kids will really enjoy these lessons. The teacher is well organized, amusing, and easy to understand.

2. The student text. This book reinforces what was taught in the DVD lesson. Watching the lesson and then reading the lesson will help your child master the material more efficiently. Your child can also use the student text to look back on when doing their workbook sheets. View a sample of the student text.

3. The student workbook. This workbook will be used every day during the week. Each of the 34 lessons is divided nicely into 5 days, so that your child will do one worksheet page per day.  View a sample of the student workbook.

4. Pronunciation CD. This CD comes in handy throughout the entire lesson. Listen to it at the beginning of the week to learn exactly how the words are pronounced, listen to it during the middle of the week for a refresher, listen to it at the end of the week for some testing drills, or do school on the road by listening to it as you drive.

5. Vocabulary cards. These cards come already perforated and contain all the vocabulary words for the week. Use the cards as needed throughout the lesson, just as you would use the CD.

6. Teacher’s manual. The manual gives you a view of the student text along with side notes and helpful tips on what you can do as a teacher to help your child with their lesson. View a sample of the teacher’s manual.

7. Teacher’s workbook and test key. Identical, but shrunken down images of the workbook and test pages, with the answers filled in.

8. Quizzes and tests. This book contains all of weekly quizzes and unit tests. The pages are perforated for easy removal.

The complete set is $125 and can be purchased at Memorial Press. You may be able to find new or used copies at Amazon too. I received a copy of this complete set for free in exchange for blogging my opinion of the program.

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2 thoughts on “First Form Latin from Memoria Press

  1. Jennifer H

    My son is actually at a school that uses the Latin series from Memoria Press and last summer while he was getting ready to go into Third Form, I decided to go to the Memoria Press conference workshop day. I spent all day with homeschoolers and teachers, being led through the course by a teacher who had already taught First Form 2 or 3 times. While it wasn’t designed to teach us Latin in a day, it has proven very helpful while I work through the course on my own and helped me when I was called on the substitute First Form Latin one day at my son’s school. The kids had no idea that I was just learning it along with them. If you ever get the opportunity to go to their conference, I highly recommend it.

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