My Top 8 Favorite Places for Homeschool Books

My Top 8 Favorite Places for Homeschool Books and how I stock my homeschool bookshelves

As I was writing my How to Raise a Boy Who Love to Read post, I lingered on hitting publish and then lingered more after hitting publish, because I sat here staring at the very old photos of my two beautifully organized bookcases.

IKEA inspired bookshelves, built by my husband

One upon a time they used to look like that. Seeing those photos really motivated me to pull everything off the shelves and get organized again.  So I did. I pulled every single book from all 50 cubes and made piles all over the house. (By the way, my husband built both of these IKEA-inspired shelves for me since there is no IKEA nearby. I totally love him.)


To say it was a mess is an understatement. As I was going through the piles, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, I prayed and thanked God for all the authors, book publishers, and book sellers – large and small businesses and hidden gems – that I’ve been able to find over the years. As a gal passionately devoted to books (especially living books) I actually got teary-eyed several times during this process. Not only because I was simply thankful for what I have, but also because of all the memories that we have shared as a family bonding over these books.

At one point, my son looked over at me, laughed, and said, “WHAT is wrong with you?” I was a tad weepy because I just realized that he was too old now and would never read the If You…series again, so I reluctantly put them in the pile to sell. Of course, there are some books (like these) that I will never, ever, ever get rid of. I cannot bare it.


So now, my shelves are almost re-organized again and I even have a couple of open cubes for new books! Time to get shopping!

My Top Eight Places for Books

  • Library and Education – this company is a true hidden gem and the biggest reason that my bookshelves are overflowing. Their prices are unbelievable. You won’t regret signing up for their newsletter. Our latest order of these 26 items was only $59.45. Full price would have been over $300.
  • Scribd – this website helps my bookshelves because all the books we get from here are digital. Another true hidden gem. They call this the Netflix for Books and I am in love with it. Unlimited ebooks for any device – $8.99 per month. If you use my affiliate link, you’ll get two months free and I’ll get a free month too! Here is a sample of what is currently in our reading list.


  • Bethlehem Books – they offer a very large selection of the best historical living books that you can find AND they have their books organized by time period AND most books are available in both print and digital AND if that is not all, they offer regular discounts. For example, just yesterday they had over 100 great titles on sale for only $1.75 each. Last time I stocked up, the eBooks were only 99-cents.
  • Amazon – I think this is an obvious one for anyone. I always go to Amazon to check the price on a book after I look on the two websites above.
  • Prufrock Press  – they offer very high quality books, workbooks, and curriculum for gifted and advanced learners. I have written many Prufrock reviews on my blog.
  • Heritage History – I love this company because they take all of the classical children’s historical books and they offer them on CDs with amazingly useful study guides, maps, and timelines. All of the books in their collections are G-rated and were written before 1923, during an era when virtually all children’s books were respectful of Christianity.
  • Homeschool Buyers Co-op – you have probably heard of this, but just in case…this company is exactly what the name implies, it is a buyer’s co-op. If a certain number of buyers agree to purchase a product through the co-op, the publisher will greatly discount the price. We have purchased products like Jim Hodges Audio Books at 40% off, Maestro Classics at 20% off, Discovery Education Streaming Plus at 74% off, and Master Books at up to 40% off.
  • Networks and Facebook groups – two of my favorites are: {BEST} Homeschool Swap USA/Canada and Homeschool Buy Sell Trade. Not only have I bought books on both of these, but I have sold a few as well. It is a really fast and easy way to purchase used books. Plus, through browsing, you often come across books that you never knew you needed.
What are your favorite places to buy book and ebooks?

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4 thoughts on “My Top 8 Favorite Places for Homeschool Books

  1. Fatcat

    The local homeschoolers have a big book sale every year. It’s awesome, but I have 2 graduates and one graduating next year so my enthusiasm for going has waned. 🙁 I don’t want to be finished homeschooling.

  2. Cristy S.

    You might try library book sales … often times libraries will discard books to their sale because they have extra copies from donations!

  3. HomeschoolDad

    Nice, helpful post! I concur with Cristy….library book sales have been fruitful. Now that we are back in New York we are fortunate to have an “overfunded” library network that we can tap for almost any book imaginable. We’d be broke if we had to pay for all the books the kids (and my wife and I) read. OR, they’d do what kids in the olden days did….read the same books over and over again – which isn’t so bad of an option either.

  4. Julie is a great source that locates new & used books across multiple sites and actually includes shipping rates in their listed price. Thrift stores are a great place to find common titles (and one store near us sells them for $.10/each – can’t beat that!).

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