Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

My two favorite subjects. Being a genealogist and a homeschooler…history and geography are near and dear to my heart. LEGO bricks paired with maps can be the most delightful form of enrichment you can imagine. The above scene was created by my son for the last chapter of Story of the World: Volume 2, in which Susan gives an account of what the world would look like if you traveled the globe on a sailing ship.  My son set up this scene as we “traveled” by the victorious English navy,  the trading merchant in France, the ostriches wandering through the plains of Africa, a warring Portuguese ship on the South American coast, the Amazon rain forest – infested with poisonous spiders and snakes, and the St. John’s fishing settlement.

Exploring History and Geography With LEGO


This scene occurs at the Battle of Hastings, where my 27th great-grandfather, William, the Duke of Normandy ambushed and killed England’s King Harold. William went on to claim the throne of England and become known as William the Conqueror. Yes, you may call me Princess Amy from now on.

Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

LEGO Ohio, striped in scarlet and gray. This was such a fun project, although we almost gave up on it during the first couple of rows. At first, it truly did NOT look anything like Ohio. If you try this with your state, please do not give up – just keep adding LEGO bricks of all sizes and I promise that eventually it WILL begin to take shape and it WILL look awesome.

Ohio turned especially awesome when my son added the 3 of us…that is my husband with an iPad, my son doing Taekwondo with his trophies, and me reading a book.

Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

We also wanted to try doing a country so my son chose Germany, since his ancestry on my husband’s side is very German. He decided to use the colors of the German flag.

Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

It wouldn’t be complete without a German minifigure. I want to point out the background in the photo…I highly recommend creating these for your LEGO fan. I simply purchased a variety of “natural scenes” in the scrapbook paper aisle and glued them to pieces of cardstock. Instant outdoorsy background for your child’s LEGO scenes.

Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

You can print out blank outline maps of all the states and countries at World Atlas.


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11 thoughts on “Exploring History and Geography With LEGO

  1. Amber @ Classic Housewife

    How very, very, cool! I see my son in this (though he hasn’t yet done THIS.) He will frequently run off to make something we just learned about with pipe cleaners or play doh. (All I need to do is get some more legos and give him the idea to use them.) 😉

  2. Christy

    Love learning with legos! Getting ready to adopt an 8 year old from Ethiopia and he can’t speak a lot of English, but he knows how to build with legos!

  3. Jennifer

    My son loves Legos. We are studying Germany, and you will be helping me make his day when I tell him that he gets to play with Legos during his lesson. Thanks for the fun ideas.

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