Elf on the Shelf – week 1

A couple of days ago I introduced you all to William Alfred Edison Rollo Theodore von Bonaparte, the Conqueror…our elf. This is one crazy elf, people. (I know some of you are thinking I am the crazy one for starting the elf thing almost 2 months before Christmas.)

Day 2 – he bushed his teeth with a Q-tip and made a mess all over his face.

Day 3 – he got into the bag of mini candy bars and, again, made a mess all over his face. He even had a little cup of milk and please note the number of wrappers and the fact that he is holding his tummy.

Day 4 – the elf brought me and my son new pairs of fuzzy socks. He pointed out in his letter that he would have brought daddy a pair, but he knew daddy wouldn’t wear them.

Day 5 – he stayed up late playing Connect Four with Mario. Little elf had to climb up using the holes every time it was his turn.

Day 6 – Jammin’ on the mp3 player and keyboard.

Day 7 – He was doing a pirate-themed crossword puzzle and managed to make himself an eye-patch.

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5 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf – week 1

  1. chasingthree

    This is great, our elf has been more of the adventure type. Always hanging in precarious places or showing up in the boys room- a dangerous adventure in itself. But your elf's escapades I know would bring down the house in mine! So here's hoping "Matthew"- ups his game this year!

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