Elf on the Shelf – more ideas!

I think the elf overheard my husband talking about how he and his sister used to slide down the stairs in a box when they were kids.

A toy battle with marshmallows as snowball weapons.

The elf’s team consisted of such characters as Jabba the Hut, Large Lego Man, Bumblebee, a blue yoshi, Yoda, a stormtrooper, and Michelangelo.
The elf decided to invent a cloning machine… 
Pushing the button…good thing he only pushed it once… 

TADA!! Two elves. Uh oh!! 

He had to rescue a friend who got trapped on the ceiling fan. The hero elf was going to cut him free. 

Looking for goodies in an empty stocking 

Taking a ride on Santa’s back 

He trapped himself in the popcorn container and made a mess along the way! 

Playing Mario Cart with his Mario world friends 

The note reads: I brought these neat cups and straws back from the North Pole. I thought you would really like them because they are your favorite color. Maybe we can all drink chocolate milk from them later!

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