Earth Science Experiments and a Giveaway

We are big science geeks here at my house. If my son had his way, we would dedicate an entire room to science experiments, and leave them out all year around. As a matter of fact, when the house next door was for sale last year, he joked about buying it, digging a tunnel between our basements and making that entire house his personal lab.  Too bad someone bought the house ๐Ÿ™‚

While I love the experiments, letting them sit around my kitchen for months and months is a big no no for me. Every week, sometimes every day, it is something new so before you know it, the entire table is filled up and I have to throw stuff out ๐Ÿ™

This week, I had to sadly dispose of a speleothem, an erupting volcano, a bowl of slime, a bowl of oobleck, a volcanic ring of fire map made from salt dough, an aquifer, a homemade barometer and a couple of things that I am actually not sure what they are.

While I do have shelves devoted to science experiment books, my favorites are the Bright Ideas Press Christian Kids Explore series. If you are looking for a really good curriculum that includes mom-friendly experiments, definitely check out CKE. We are currently using Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, have completed Christian Kids Explore Physics, but also have the Chemistry and Biology books to work through!

Christian, creation-based, easy to understand, hands-on…there really is nothing more you can ask for. The lessons can be done in only one day (for a fast learner) or stretched out over an entire week. Did I mention that the books incorporate Scripture into every lesson?

I think that any homeschooler would fall in love in anything that comes from the minds of the Bright Ideas Press team. 

My friends at Bright Ideas Press are graciously giving one of my readers a curriculum set which includes Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space and the corresponding Activity Guide. It is easy to enter using the Rafflecopter below. Before long, you’ll find yourself with a table full of experiments.

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