Classical History for the Logic Stage

Classical homeschooling curriculum usually revolves around a spine, and in our homeschool, that spine was history. Almost everything else corresponded, in some manner, with what we were learning about in history. History in the grammar stage was very easy for me to teach, given that we used the amazingly well planned out Story of the World: volumes 1-4 and the corresponding activity guides. There were always rabbit trails and in depth studies on the more fascinating chapters, but we pretty much stuck to the Story of the World. Yep, being a grammar stage mom has been easy.

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be done with Story of the World volume 4 and the modern history and that will mean it is time to head back to ancient times for round 2. He already knows so much about history, but soon it will be time to delve deeper, to find connections between world events, to look at the causes and the aftermaths, to learn from leaders’ mistakes and successes.

This means…I’ll be a logic stage mom. And it used to somewhat freak me out.

I knew I needed a spine and I knew I couldn’t rely on Story of the World or the Classical Conversations Foundations program’s outline anymore.  Well, guess what! I now have my spine!

These cards!!  I am super excited about these cards!! Can you tell? These are brand new, developed by Classical Conversations for their Foundations program, however you CAN buy them even if you are not involved in CC. These were created to take the place of the Veritas Press timeline cards that used to be incorporated into the program.  The cards are divided into 4 sets, encompassing 161 historical events.

Everything you could need for each event is located right on the card:

  • large image on the front (great for visual learners)
  • event dates
  • historical age
  • event description
  • world map pinpointing the event location
  • general timeline illustrating when the event occurred

Now that I have the foundation of our history curriculum (for the next 4 years, yeah!!) I will be choosing age-appropriate books and documentaries for each event, he’ll keep up a very detailed timeline, write research papers, but most importantly – engage in lots of discussions.

I want to let all my readers know that my friends at Classical Conversations did send these Classical Acts & Facts History Cards to me at no charge. However, all opinions are entirely my own and I am committed to never endorsing products that I do not love and plan to use in my home. These cards are a great resource for homeschool history whether you are involved in CC or not. I highly recommend them!

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4 thoughts on “Classical History for the Logic Stage

  1. Deb

    Fantastic! I am not a strict Classical homeschooler, but I have been struggling to find a history program that meets my criteria. I am planning on a make-my-own plan. I found the book All Through the Ages, which is basically a list of Living History Books arranged by age, but I still felt I needed something to help me organize everything chronologically. These will be perfect!

    Thanks Amy!

  2. Stephanie

    Thanks you so much! We’re looking forward to starting the Logic Stage this fall, and I hadn’t been able to find a timeline that pleased me. These look fabulous.

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