3D Drawing Pen

Tree of Gondor, made with the Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen

Disclosure: I received a free Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen and was compensated for my time in reviewing the product, sharing the product’s features and my honest opinion with my readers. Be sure to enter giveaway for a chance to win one of thirty 3D pens for yourself.

Left Brain, Right Brain

Encouraging art in an extreme left-brained child can be very challenging. My son is not artistic. He has never liked drawing, painting, sculpting, or even coloring, so we’ve never pushed the hands-on side of art. However, I know that art is important and that encouraging creativity builds connections between the brain’s hemispheres and leads to more well-rounded, cognitive abilities. I also know that all it takes to pique a kid’s interest is a tiny starting point, like this fun way that I have taught artist study.

Recently, that tiny starting point was to ask my son if he wanted a GADGET that 3D printed. His eyes lit up like he had hit the jackpot. All it takes is the word gadget.

The Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen

What is a 3D Pen?

With the Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen you can draw and sculpt in mid air. The ink is a gel resin that quickly hardens when the attached UV light is shone on it. If you are sculpting a 3D object, you can leave the light on continuously and the plastic medium (aka ink) will quickly dry as you go. This enables you to build upwards adding more and more ink as it dries.

The science behind this is pretty neat. While the pen itself never gets hot or releases heat, the gel resin absorbs heat from the light rays and then hardens into plastic. The plastic may be hot for a few seconds as it is drying, so you must be careful if you touch it. You may need to touch it if you are constructing a larger 3D image or if you make a mistake and need to pinch away some material.

The affordable Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen is only $29.99 and comes with the following:

  • A sculpting pen, equipped with a UV light
  • one cartridge of red ink (.74 fl oz)
  • one cartridge of blue ink (.74 fl oz)
  • one AA battery

You can purchase extra ink in 12 colors, which I highly recommend. In addition to being sold on their website, you can buy the pen at Toys “R” Us.

What Can you Make?

My son made several 3D geometry shapes, wrote our names, and attempted to make Luna’s funky glasses (from Harry Potter.) My favorite sculpture that he created was the White Tree of Gondor (from Lord of the Rings.) This tree with proudly be hung on our Christmas tree this year.

Tree of Gondor, made with the Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen

To help guide the lines, I printed out a silhouette of the tree and placed it under wax paper.

Tree of Gondor, made with the Atmosflare 3D Drawing Pen

Since this was drawn on a flat surface, my son sculpted a few lines at a time and then turned on the light to harden the plastic. If you are sculpting an actual 3D image that rises up off the surface, you’ll need to keep the light on to cure the plastic as you draw.

If you want to see what a real artist is capable of, check out this 3D elephant created by Jimmie’s extremely talented daughter.

You can also view a few getting started videos on Atmosflare’s website.

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