2015 in Review: Top 10 Most Popular Posts

It is always fun to look back through my stats to see what posts have been the most popular. Statistics really tell a blogger a lot about their beloved readers. Seeing what posts have been loved, retweeted and pinned by you makes me love you even more. My tribe of nerdy, Doctor Who loving, book fanatic friends.

Here are Milk and Cookie’s 10 most popular posts from 2015.

How to Raise a Boy Who Loves to Read

How to Raise a Boy Who Loves to Read

Getting boys interested in books can be quite a challenge and one of the top questions that I receive from readers and friends is, “How did you get your son to enjoy reading so much?” In this post, I shared some of my personal tips with you, along with the advice from some of my brilliant friends.


My Top 8 Favorite Places for Homeschool Books

As I was organizing my bookshelves this year, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, I prayed and thanked God for all the authors, book publishers, and book sellers – large and small businesses and hidden gems – that I’ve been able to find over the years. As a gal passionately devoted to books (especially living books) I actually got teary-eyed several times during this process. Not only because I was simply thankful for what I have, but also because of all the memories that we have shared as a family bonding over these books


10 FUN Resources for a Future Engineer

What is an engineer? Albert Einstein said it best when he stated, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.” Engineering is a field of study that is growing leaps and bounds every year. Even if your child doesn’t foresee a future career in engineering, he or she will still definitely benefit from the knowledge gained from these resources.


Which Way to Gallifrey?

Since I have always been fascinated by those collections of directional signs, I have wanted to make one for months and finally got around to doing it. With the help of our trusty Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary, we created a list of 20 great locations in the Doctor Who universe. It was really, really hard to narrow it down to only eight for the arrows.


Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers Cabinet

We needed something special to hold all the sonic screwdrivers and other miscellaneous items from the show. It is a simple bathroom cabinet, with the mirror broken out. The sonic screwdrivers are held in place with elastic.


Doctor Who Bathroom

I am convinced that we have the coolest bathroom on the planet! This is my son’s bathroom. The “round things” on the wall are the “round things” from the inside of the TARDIS. What are the “round things”? I have no idea, but the Doctor doesn’t even know what they are. Our round things are made of foam and painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Yes, the round things GLOW IN THE DARK!!!


Timeline Resources for Homeschooling History

Keeping a history timeline has been one of my favorite aspects of homeschooling. We have had a timeline in some form or another for 9 years now. It started out with one super long strip of black tape stretching all across two walls and then as the years went on, our methods changed several times to fit our needs. Keeping a timeline has helped us perceive time in a different way. Since we often study different civilizations independently of each other, it may not occur to us that certain events or lives from different civilizations overlapped, until we place the figures on the timeline.

Scribd: Share in my joy of unlimited ebooks

Using Scribd as Homeschoolers

Something about having instant, unlimited access to thousands of books just makes me want to curl up in a nest of fluff, with a cup of tea, and read until my eyes want to fall out. My area has the #1 library system in the country, with a whopping 27 branches throughout the city, but both my son and I just prefer ebooks. I often read 4 books at a time and I want to carry them around the house with me. Sometimes I read on the couch, sometimes in bed, and sometimes in the car while waiting for my son to get done with an activity. This post shows the ways homeschoolers can benefit from Scribd.


Ten Math Books for Under $10

We all know that math is important. What better way to get your child interested in math than to give him something interesting to read. This is not a compilation of math curriculum or workbooks, these are unique, fascinating, suck-you-in, math story books. I own, or have read, and can vouch for every book on this list. I hope these suggestions will be helpful to many of you, especially because nothing is over $9.99.

science 10

Science for Under $10

Reading is SO important. Quality books are especially important. There is no better way to get your child interested in reading than to give him something interesting to read. That may be books about baseball, or Minecraft, or the World Wars. Or the books listed in this post – books about science. This is not a compilation of science curriculum or science textbooks, these are unique, fascinating, suck-you-in, science books. I own and can vouch for every book on this list. I hope these suggestions will be helpful to many of you, especially because nothing is over $9.99. You could actually buy every book in the descriptions below for a total $86.

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